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Hospitality Industry

Welcome to LodgingGuide's hospitality industry listings for the Geneva area.

Geneva feels more French than Swiss, shares only a part of Lake Geneva with Switzerland, and sits beside the Jura wine district in the Rhone River valley, with a great view of Mont Blanc in the Alps. Geneva’s Left Bank is the older section of town with its quaint shops and famous Flower Clock, while the Right Bank is where you will find most of the city’s best parks, government buildings and the headquarters of international organizations like the Red Cross. Public transportation is reliable, but the array of bridges joining the Rhone’s two banks makes Geneva more enjoyable on foot.

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Lodging by Location Lodging by Location:

· Greater Geneva · Downtown Geneva
Lodging located in the greater Geneva area. Lodging options located in the downtown area of Geneva, north of the Rhone River.
· Geneva Airport · Palais de Justice
Lodging near Geneva International Airport (GVA), about 3 miles southeast of the City Center. Lodging options south of the Rhone River near the Palais de Justice and Cathedral St. Pierre.
· Montreaux · Lausanne
Lodging located in Montreaux, about 60 miles northeast of Geneva International Airport. Lodging options located in Lausanne, about 40 miles northeast of Geneva International Airport.
· Surrounding Communities
Lodging located in surrounding areas of Geneva including Morges, Villars, Leysin and others.

Area Facts: French is the dominant language of Geneva, while German and individual canton dialects are spoken in the rest of Switzerland. The international area code for Switzerland is 41.

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